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Join us to hear from 5G trailblazers, discover your 5G opportunity, and network with the entire ecosystem of professionals tied to the success of 5G! Special rates for government employees are available.

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With a massive investment in infrastructure required and a $1 trillion near-term impact on the US economy, now is the time to position your company in front of key players looking to implement 5G technology, and DC5G is the place to do it.

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What makes this event different from others is the diversity of attendees. At DC5G you’ll get plenty of face time with fellow professionals in government, telecommunications, aerospace, and commercial enterprises with an interest in 5G.

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About Us

DC5G is the one event that represents the entire 5G-connected ecosystem. Enterprise markets, local municipalities, telcos, industry experts, satellite service providers, advocates, federal policy makers and innovative adopters will gather for the second year to learn about the potential of the next generation of connectivity. By bringing all markets to the table, the conversations are holistic and are focused on getting business done.

Join us and start advancing the 5G conversation by developing better strategies and stronger 5G rollout plans, and build partnerships that enhance capabilities among shared spectrum.

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2018 Participants

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White Paper: 5G Americas’ “The Evolution of Security in 5G”

5G is not just about faster, bigger or better. It’s about enabling a diverse new set of services and use cases affecting nearly every aspect of our lives. But to live up to their potential, those 5G-enabled applications must be delivered securely. 5G Americas has published a new white paper, “The Evolution of Security in […]

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Research Brief: Cutting Through the SD-WAN Confusion: A Handy Guide for Enterprises

With billions of dollars in upcoming revenue forecast for the SD-WAN market, there’s plenty of “SD-WAN-washing” going on, with many solution providers jumping into the fray. Vendors slap the SD-WAN label on their products, promising the world to enterprises looking to revamp their WAN. This free-for-all in the marketplace leads to confusion for enterprises. And while the SDxCentral Research team’s own analysis […]

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Webinar: What is 5G Exactly? What Everyone Needs to Know About Next Generation Wireless

You’ve probably heard more than a few people in the telecommunications industry say that the transition to 5G wireless is “more than just another G,” or that it’s not just “another increase in speed.” And, you’ve probably heard more than a few different definitions and interpretations of how 5G will impact the way we use […]

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White Paper: Fiber Broadband Association’s “The Road to 5G is Paved with Fiber”

The Fiber Broadband Association, partner of DC5G 2018, brings you “The Road to 5G is Paved with Fiber,” a white paper focusing on the necessity of fiber broadband for 5G networks. The paper explains how more wireline fiber—and a substantial amount of it—will be needed to support the next generation of our wireless networks. Access it […]

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White Paper: 5G Americas’ “LTE to 5G: The Global Impact of Wireless Innovation”

DC5G is excited to bring you the “LTE to 5G: The Global Impact of Wireless Innovation,” a comprehensive 5G Americas technology white paper authored by Rysavy Research, clearly explaining the technical advances for the transformation of networks from LTE to 5G. Access it for free by filling out the short form below! DC5G is proud to […]

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5G-NR Frequency Bands

5G NR or 5G New-Radio is an OFDM-based global wireless standard on which the first version of 5G will be based.  It has been designed to support the wide variation of 5G device-types, services, deployments and spectrum. This next generation cellular technology will succeed 4G LTE to provide considerably higher data rates and connectivity. This […]

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5G Frequency Bands/Spectrum by Country

Unlike 3G and 4G, which primarily used the sub-6 GHz spectrum globally – 5G will use a wide range of Sub-6 GHz frequencies as well as mm-Wave spectrum. The challenge with the use of mm-Wave spectrum is that there are issues with availability of the same frequency bands globally. As a result of this, each […]

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everything RF Introduces 5G Technology Hub

5G or 5th Generation technology is soon going to become a reality. Unlike 4G this is not a slight improvement over its predecessor (3G). 5G will provide speeds and data rates 10x-100x that of what 4G provides. Combining cutting-edge network technology and the very latest in research, 5G will offer connections that are multitudes faster than […]

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5G on the Map

Government Technology’s content visualization engine maps govtech.com coverage and current efforts around the country.

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Wireless Infrastructure Key to Growing 5G Market

The advent of 5G will soon change the internet, voice, video and data services markets with the deployment of next-gen wireless technologies. As this transition occurs over the next decade, 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) will give way to 5G amid skyrocketing demand for greater bandwidth.

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Podcast: The Reality of NT in the Field

Presented by ISE Magazine, this podcast explores regulatory changes and other potential impediments to the acceleration of network transformation (NT) with Tom Maguire. Tom was the recent SVP of National Operations Support for Verizon. He has more than 36 years of experience in wireline operations, legal/regulatory, and finance.

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White Paper: 5G Americas’ “Spectrum Recommendations for the U.S.”

DC5G is excited to bring you the “Spectrum Recommendations for the U.S.” comprehensive 5G Americas technology white paper. The document provides guidance on licensed wireless spectrum and the necessary steps for the progression and deployment of 5G technologies in the United States. It was written by co-leaders Ahmad Armand and Scott Migaldi from T-Mobile USA […]

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Everything You Need to Know About 5G

Everything You Need to Know About 5G Brought to you by IEEE Spectrum

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National Space Council on Competitiveness and Spectrum in the New Space Era

There is no doubt that the United States is a preeminent space-faring nation of the world. There is no country more capable in space nor is there a country more reliant on space for its security, its economy, its place in the world. These were the words of Scott Pace, executive secretary of the U.S. National […]

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SATELLITE 2018 Session Video: Leading Regional Operators Assess the Industry’s 5G Strategy

This session took place at SATELLITE 2018 on Wednesday, March 14, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. To view the complete session, fill out the show form below! Description: Unlike 4G and LTE standards that were driven by consumer demand for mobile streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the vision […]

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SATELLITE 2018 Session Video: Interplay Between Spectrum & Standards in 5G

This session took place at SATELLITE 2018 on Monday, March 12, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. To view the complete session, fill out the show form below!     Description: This session will look at the ongoing and forthcoming standardization activities and how these refer to the various candidate bands that […]

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A Look at the Future of 5G-Powered Smart Cities

Will the next-gen network prompt the ‘fourth industrial revolution’? What will cities of the near future look like when buildings, cars, people and a whole slew of other things can communicate with each other? Earlier this month, tech companies and telecoms at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, tried to answer that question, showing off their plans for […]

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White Paper: ITIF’s “5G and Next Generation Wireless: Implications for Policy and Competition”

5G networks will greatly expand wireless functionality, but need policymaker support to truly flourish. The ongoing development of 5G wireless technologies represents a unique opportunity to radically expand the capacity and flexibility of wireless networks, which will have profound implications for broadband competition and productivity growth. Policymakers at the national and local level should support […]

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White Paper: 5G Americas’ “LTE to 5G: Cellular and Broadband Innovation”

DC5G is excited to bring you the “LTE to 5G: Cellular and Broadband Innovation” comprehensive 5G Americas technology white paper authored by Rysavy Research. The paper provides detailed descriptions and analysis of the transformational nature of LTE and 5G networks. Access it for free by filling out the short form below! DC5G is proud to […]

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To Compete in a 5G World, Satellite Needs to Work Alongside Cellular Networks

Open architecture standards will make or break satellite’s viability for 5G and other applications, said a mixed panel of experts at the SATELLITE 2018 Conference & Exhibition. During a panel discussing the potential convergence of the satellite and terrestrial industries, the speakers asserted that establishing fair and open-ended standards will be key for satellite to […]

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5G: Conflicts and Opportunities for Satellite

As a technology, nobody is quite sure what 5G means. It’s a whirl of uncertainty. We get the real sense that it will dictate the future of telecoms as we know it, but nobody really knows what or how it will impact the satellite industry. This next generation of wireless telecom will comprise a new […]

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A Sobering Look at the Future Role of HTS Systems for 5G

I’m pleased to be invited by Via Satellite to write an article that may provide contrarian perspectives to the popular beliefs that are pervasive in the market that somehow HTS GEO, MEO and NGSO systems will be having a material impact in the adoption and deployment of 5G from 2020 and beyond. The current FSS […]

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Conceptualizing the Transition to 5G Beyond Speeds and Standards

While attending several telecommunications conferences and trade shows throughout the past couple of years, I’ve heard a wide variety of opinions on how the industry should define the separation between fourth-generation (4G) and fifth-generation (5G) connectivity services. A majority of those opinions see 5G as a new product — a service that will emerge out […]

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University of Maryland Students Recap DC5G Summit 2017

Students of the “DAS and Small Cells” course, led by Prof. Rikin Thakker, got an opportunity to attend the DC5G Summit, held on October 11, 2017 in Washington D.C. They were also accompanied by the Associate Director of the MS in Telecommunications course, Dr. Michael Dellomo. The following students attended and contributed to the “Key […]

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EchoStar’s Manner on Regulatory Hurdles Ahead of the 5G Rollout

EchoStar’s Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Jennifer Manner is a 5G maverick, and has penned a number of articles for Via Satellite discussing the major policy issues surrounding the technology. Here, we explore what Manner sees as the biggest challenges for 5G ahead of the DC5G 2017 Summit, where she will speak on the “Security, Privacy, Bandwidth and […]

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Alok Shah Shares Samsung’s Perspective on 5G

As Samsung’s vice president of networks strategy, Alok Shah has had a pivotal role in determining the company’s approach to the 5G rollout. Shah will be participating in the “Evolution of Applications, Ecosystem, Vertical Markets and Big Data Analysis in the 5G World” panel at the DC5G 2017 Summit on Oct. 11. In this interview with Via Satellite, Shah shares […]

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Experts Urge FCC to Expand Spectrum Sharing Opportunities

During a panel focusing on regulatory issues at the DC5G 2017 Summit yesterday, speakers from different industry markets stated that the only way to fund 5G deployment is to incentivize new players to invest in its rollout. Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) President Kalpak Gude argued that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must evolve its spectrum allocation policies to be […]

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DSA’s Kalpak Gude on How to Efficiently Share Spectrum

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) is one of the most influential organizations across the telecommunications sphere, advocating for laws and regulations that support more efficient use of spectrum. DSA President Kalpak Gude shared his thoughts with Via Satellite on how he sees spectrum sharing paradigms changing to accommodate new 5G applications. At the DC5G 2017 Summit, Gude also participated in […]

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Intelsat’s Riegelman Addresses Concerns on 5G Proposal

In a presentation delivered at the end of this week’s DC5G 2017 Summit, IntelsatSenior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kurt Riegelman asserted that satellite operators will continue to be the primary users of C-band spectrum under the company’s joint proposal with Intel. A handful of satellite operator executives, including ABS CEO Tom Choi, have already voiced concerns that regulators could […]

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On the Infrastructure Needs of a 5G-Fueled Economy

In order for 5G to support new applications such as virtual reality, video streaming and industrial Internet of Things (IOT), operators must consider disaggregating their data centers so they are located closer to the edge of their networks. During a discussion on the infrastructure needs of a 5G-fueled economy at the DC5G 2017 Summit, a panel of […]

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Crown Castle Exec Talks 5G Infrastructure Ahead of DC5G Summit

Mark Reudink is the director of product development at Crown Castle, an infrastructure provider that owns approximately 40,000 cell towers, 25,000 small cells and 29,000 miles of fiber. Such infrastructure will be critical to the rollout of 5G services — and here, we share some of Reudink’s thoughts on how he envisions this rollout progressing […]

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5G Americas President on Mobile Carriers in a 5G Ecosystem

5G Americas President Chris Pearson has operated within the mobile wireless industry for almost 30 years, and has his finger directly on the pulse of 5G development. This month, Pearson delivered a riveting keynote on the transformation of mobile wireless networks to kick off the DC5G 2017 Summit in Washington, D.C. Here, he shares some […]

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